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Fighting Corruption in Cambodia: a ‘battle of ideas and perceptions’


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When Niklas Kossow came to Cambodia from Germany to work as a Bribespot Promotion Advisor, he knew very little about the country. In this blog he reflects on his experience and frustrations and tells us what it was like to try and fight corruption in one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

These small things that make a big difference

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By Bun Sengkong, Communications Young Professional and Blogger

When I was stopped by the traffic police about three years ago for violating a traffic light and  was asked to pay 10,000 riels, I did. I did not understand that I had just “bribed” the police officer. Today I know that under the traffic law I am required to pay only 5,000 riels for such an offense and that what I handed to the police officer was a bribe.

If this happened today, I would do things differently. I would make sure that I pay the right amount and ask for a receipt. That way I know that the money I pay goes to fill the State’s coffers rather than the police officers’ pockets.