The country’s wallet: Understanding and tracking Cambodia’s National Budget


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Cambodian-RielA National Budget is arguably the single most influential publication a government can produce.

It’s more than a collection of numbers and dollar signs – it’s a document that shows what a government values, and the direction it wants the country to take.

It shows the state of the economy and reflects the political and social landscape of the nation and its place in the world. Importantly, it also shows where vulnerable people’s needs are not being met, and presents opportunities for lobbying and advocacy.

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New Place, New Experience, and New Plan


Written by Sawn Sokha Chivi, Young Leadership Program Participant from Cambodia 

I, as well as, many others believe that corruption is a huge barrier for the development of social and economic in every country around the globe. I have thought that if I want to combat the corruption, I shall be started from now and be opened to learn and work together to eradicate it.

My strong commitment against the corruption has been developed since the day I started participating in Young Leadership Programmed (YLP), which was provided by TI Cambodia in Siem Reap province in early 2018. Later on, I went on applying for the Transparency Fellowship in Malaysia. I never thought that I could be one of the ten Transparency Fellows who were selected for this programme.

Transparency Fellowship is an initiative of Transparency International Cambodia under Citizen and Youth Empowerment Programme. This fellowship programme allows ten Cambodian youth to have a study tour for two weeks in various institutions of Malaysia, which are working on anti-corruption and good governance related initiatives.

My two weeks in Malaysia got me eyes opening. Since it is my first time traveling abroad, I have got many new experiences including their ways of living, Malaysian food, Malaysian culture and city environment. Besides experiencing a modern city like Kuala Lumpur, we also had an opportunity to visit some institutions that work on good governance and anti-corruption. Thus we got chance to learn how their government and civil society organisations work on combating corruption.


From this wonderful studying, I have learned a lot from them on how they engage people to participate in fighting against corruption through the creativity and campaigns engagement. In addition, I have also learned how they designed and embedded messages to educate their people in order to maintain peace and safe environment; together with the message that help raising awareness on corruption issue in their country.


Study Tour in Malaysia 2

Once the trip came to an end, all of these experiences has reflected me. I now understand that there are many things that I need to learn for my self-development and specially to strengthen my own commitment to fight against corruption in my community and in Cambodia.



Study Tour in Malaysia



After this tour study, I gratefully have joined TI Cambodia’s internship programme in Siem Reap province, as I hope to continue to involve in any activities that contribute to the fight against corruption in Cambodia. I would like to express my sincere thank TI Cambodia for providing me and other nine youths to be part of Transparency Fellowship Programme.




Sawm Sokha Chivi is a TI Cambodia’s active youth from Siem Reap province. She was one of the ten candidates who got selected to participate in Transparency Fellowship Programme through selection process including written test and interview. Before they had spent two weeks overseas, TI Cambodia also provided a special pre-departure training which equipped them with necessary knowledge on transparency, integrity, good governance and anti-corruption.











These small things that make a big difference

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By Bun Sengkong, Communications Young Professional and Blogger

When I was stopped by the traffic police about three years ago for violating a traffic light and  was asked to pay 10,000 riels, I did. I did not understand that I had just “bribed” the police officer. Today I know that under the traffic law I am required to pay only 5,000 riels for such an offense and that what I handed to the police officer was a bribe.

If this happened today, I would do things differently. I would make sure that I pay the right amount and ask for a receipt. That way I know that the money I pay goes to fill the State’s coffers rather than the police officers’ pockets.

TI Cambodia’s film “Justice – យុត្តិធម៌” goes viral!


Corruption in the Judiciary affects everyone, especially the poor. Our film “Justice”, produced by Khmer Mekong Films, was viewed over 250,000 times on our Facebook page!

“I will forever be a better person” : Feedback from the IYC

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By Preet Ayoub Shaikh, International Youth Camp participant from Pakistan

Originally posted on TI Pakistan’s blog.

Being selected to represent Pakistan in the International Youth Camp (IYC) for Transparency and Integrity was one of the best things to happen to me, as I would realise just days into the camp. This camp, which was held in one the most scenic cities in the world, played a pivotal role in determining much of my future as a powerful and conscientious citizen of my country, and for that I will forever be a better person.

When people act, change can happen


Nothing feeds corruption more than apathy, or the belief that corruption is “just the way life is”.

While ordinary citizens certainly do no bear the sole responsibility for stopping corruption, they can take simple but profound actions to try and challenge the status quo.

Here is what YOU can do.

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